End of Tenancy cleaning is a procedure of thorough cleaning of your rented house or flat. It is also termed as tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning, or one off deep cleaning. 

This process is performed by the professional cleaning companies or by its tenants before freeing up the rented space. The tenancy cleaning is a time-taking task to ensure that the rental property is in good condition for its future residents.

Let’s dig deep down into this topic and see details about what it is and what the pricing criteria are. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning London Prices

Unfortunately, the end of Tenancy cleaning London prices are not fixed. Many factors determine the prices of Tenancy cleaning. These factors include the Size, Condition, and the number of rooms in that rented house. 

Size and Dimensions

Be honest about the size of your property so that they can better prepare to get the job done. You can give information about size in square meters.

Overall Condition

You do not need to feel ashamed to tell us the condition of your rental house. For the professionals, there is no job too little or too big.

Number of Rooms

The prices will go up with more bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms.

Average London End of Tenancy Cleaning Princes:

Studio flat – £80- £140 

One bedroom flat – £100- £180

Two bedrooms flat – £130- £240

Three bedrooms flat – £170- £270 

Four bedrooms flat – £200- £300

Why do you need the End of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

In the UK, landlords are very strict concerning the lease agreement. You are required to pay a deposit when you shift into a rental property. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that if you have imposed any damage to the property, or have any rent that is unpaid at the time of leaving, or have in any way go astray from the lease agreement, they may take that deposit. The rental properties in the UK are quite high, which is somewhere around £1100.

You would receive your tenancy deposit back in full if you fulfilled the landlord’s standards at the end of your tenancy. This is the main reason that a lot of people hire tenancy cleaners before freeing up the rented space. Instead of losing your entire deposit, the price of cleaners is far more acceptable.

Advantages of Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaners

The average team of Tenancy cleaners consists of about 3-4 people. Move- out cleaners are well- equipped by their companies and are highly skilled professionals. They have all the necessary equipment to perform the cleaning. You would be most likely to buy all the equipment before going to attempt the cleaning on your own. Professionals use quality cleaning chemicals, and it may take a day for proper deep cleaning. Tenancy cleaning is an essential process to have your security deposit in full. Sometimes, professional cleaning help can play a big part in returning your security deposit what is fully yours.